Why I'm Running

CAPT John “Jack” Carey, USN (Ret.)

As a parent, I am humbled by the responsibility to provide the best possible environment for my children to grow up. I passionately want to channel that responsibility into activities that will better society.

Growing up in Massachusetts was instrumental to my development as an adult. I come from a modest background and was blessed with great parents who valued education, hard work and instilled a strong sense of moral duty to the community. The values that I was raised with are the same values that I am aspiring to when raising my own. children and are the cornerstone of why I want to become your State Senator.

For over three decades I have been honored to serve my country in the capacity of military service in the United States Navy and since passing the bar exam many years ago I have served my community providing legal services through the Suffolk Lawyers for Justice, Pilgrim Advocates and the Committee for Public Counsel Services. What I saw as part of my military service during conflict in war torn countries and what I have experienced in practicing as a criminal defense attorney has been both the best that humanity has to offer and sadly also the worst. I see the role of a State Senator in society as being critically important, not only do votes and actions impact a community directly but indirectly the ripple effect of a passing legislature can permeate further across families and society.

My background has trained me to be resilient, detailed and decisive. My experience has taught me fairness, patience and understanding. I want to be your State Senator so I can use these skills that were built upon the values I grew up with, shaped and honed in proud service to my country and continue to be tempered as I grow in my role as a parent in a practical manner that bears real and positive results. I want to be your State Senator to use my skills to serve my family, the community of Plymouth and Barnstable, and the Commonwealth and hopefully make an impact while contributing to society for the betterment of all.

PO Box 1148
Sandwich, MA 02563